About Joono OpenStory

Joono OpenStory is an indie publisher that creates and publishes children's e-books, learning Korean and visual research e-books around the world. Founded in 2013, we are new and are currently diving into the digital realm with iBooks and other e-friendly formats.

Our e-books are different.

E-books on digital devices should be different. Reading e-books on tablets should be beyond traditional reading experience. Great content, beautiful design and life lessons are all good. However, e-books shouldn't be another version of traditional books. You won't be just reading our e-books but will experience them with curiosity. View our children e-book collection

Less is a bore.

Everyone has something to say. E-books on digital devices lack diversity. If you have good ideas for creating books, tell us. We encourage you to be a creator/author to make new, unusual and innovate books. We strongly believe that diversity on E-books starts with people like you who think different and are willing to change the way we do/learn things.


If you'd like to talk, or ask questions, please reach out. joonoopenstory [at] gmail [dot] com